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Very often, people will not seek help that they need, because they feel ashamed. But there is nothing shameful to be found in seeking guidance. Seeking guidance is not an acknowledgment of weakness, but of strength. When one looks for help, one is defeating the ego. One is accepting that they are only human, and as a result, cannot always be self-sufficient.

Humans were not created to work alone. They were created to cooperate, to collaborate, and to work as a team. Not a single human has lived life without the companionship of another. Somehow or the other, each person’s life has been bettered with the help of another. When seeking help, you are not making yourself helpless, and putting your life into the hands of another. To the contrary, you are taking your life into your own hands. You are not allowing your circumstances to define you, but rather defining your circumstances. As captain of your ship, you are consulting an engineer about faulty lighting of your vessel.

When contacting The Sakina Center for help, do not hesitate, or be ashamed. Our counselors take you and your situation very seriously. No one will ever think of your situation lightly, but rather, work their hardest to provide you the support you need. Our counselors also realize-and encourage you to realize-that in seeking guidance, it is the seeker who is entirely responsible for what happens. The counselor will not improve your life, but rather, help you improve your life. When things get better, it is because you made them so. When you ask for help, you are taking the initiative to create a change in your life, and smartly accepting aid from others who can help you create that change.

Another reason people will hesitate in asking for help is because they mistakenly believe they are complaining. Complaining is a passive action. When one complains, they are not trying to change the situation. Unlike complaining, seeking help is proactive, because the seeker is trying to change the situation. The seeker wants to live their life optimally, and therefore is taking measures to do so.

Do not falter in your decision to improve your life. Do not feel ashamed, or hesitate, in contacting our counselors. They are here to help you. They will not ignore you, or not take you seriously. They will listen to what you have to say, give you their attention, and focus on helping you as best as they can.

We hope to hear from you soon.


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