The need for social change in Muslim communities, as well as the communication power of the Internet, gave birth to The Sakina Center. The Sakina Center was created to provide support, help, and comfort to those in need. We are here to listen, help people find solutions to their problems, and also to encourage them to bring about a positive change in their life. We are open to all Muslims, regardless of sect or particular beliefs. We are non-profit and not affiliated with any other group or organization. The Sakina Center is purely a goodwill organization, and does not have any other motives or intentions.

We assure complete anonymity and confidentiality. Your identity will be known only to us. However, in the case that your life is in danger, or you are endangering someone else’s life, we will have to contact the authorities.

Why use Facebook for Cyber-counseling?

Facebook has evolved into a global online community unlike any other. Facebook provides a great deal of information about a person, which enables our counselors to provide optimal help. Due to Facebook’s filtering system, spam or online scams can be avoided. Facebook chat is also a great tool that can increase interaction, thereby increasing the quality of The Sakina Center’s services.

The networking power of Facebook can also be utilized to get in touch with communities and organizations in your locality, and, if need be, to get you in touch with them.

Does The Sakina Center do any research?

As previously mentioned, the primary purpose for The Sakina Center is to provide support and aid. We do not consider, or treat, anyone who needs help as a specimen or subject to be studied. However, in order to provide the best help we can, we will take note of the different situations our counselors will be facing. This information will periodically be provided in our blog entries, and special care will be taken to ensure that anonymity is preserved. The purpose of research is to prevent social problems from reoccurring in the future. You will also find some tips and helpful advice.

To view our research visit our Blog page

What makes you different from other counseling services?

We have a strong commitment to Islamic practices such as prayer (duaa). We provide resources from Islamic sources that are aimed at solving social problems. We promote using faith, as well as a connection to Allah SWT, to improving one’s life. Our counselors encourage the use of spiritual self-purification (tazkiya). More information on tazkiya can be found on the Resources page.

We take a grass-roots approach, and want to use the resources that are available to you in your community (mosques, MSAs, shelters, etc.) to provide all the aid you may need in improving your life.

In addition, we are reaching out to the Muslim community on the Internet. Through the Internet, we can not only dedicate more one-on-one time, but also reach out to more people in need.

We conduct research on a variety of topics centering on Muslim psychology, many of which go unnoticed and untouched by Muslim communities. By creating awareness through highlighting these issues, we hope to see a great deal of positive change in the Muslim community.

I don’t need counseling but how can I help?

Please create awareness about The Sakina Center, to inform those who can benefit from our work. Keep in mind that people are often good at concealing what is in their hearts, so make sure to tell even the most seemingly happy person in your community.

If have a Muslim web forum, and you believe this service will be beneficial to your members, please contact us at thesakinacenter@gmail.com, so we can provide an advertisement for you to use.

If you are a Muslim activist, community leader, or a provider of a similar service, please contact us at thesakinacenter@gmail.com.

If you are trained, or well-educated, in psychology, social work, or counseling, then you can apply for a volunteer position as a cyber-counselor at The Sakina Center. Please email us your resume, as well as some background about yourself, to thesakinacenter@gmail.com.

Most importantly, we are in need of, and appreciate, all your prayers. Please pray that The Sakina Center is able to provide outstanding help to those in need of it, and is able to have a positive impact on the Muslim community.

-Sakina Center Coordinator Omer


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