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Posted On August 20, 2008

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Here are a few things that are happening at The Sakina Center.

With the blessing of Allah, we are quite active on Facebook with our counseling. Our Facebook group is nearing 100 members and mashallah our counselors are reaching and treating a number of brothers and sisters.

We are actively looking for more counselors and alhamdulillah, sister Inayah has agreed to work with us. She is in the process of getting active but more updates on that later on.

And lastly, inshallah sometime in Ramadan we will be holding an Internet seminar. Ramadan is a great time to really step back and take a look at how we live our day-to-day life so that we can find ways to make the most out of it. More details on that later on.

CHANGE: Ramadan is quite busy so inshallah we will be having a seminar after Ramadan.